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Go ALL Small

for BIG Productivity!

Amber N. Davis

Inspirational Speaker

& Productivity Consultant

"I highly recommend Amber as a speaker for your next event. I brought her in as a Keynote speaker last year for 2 events and she did a phenomenal job. I had many attendees reach out later saying how much they learned from and appreciated her motivational keynote on going All Small for Big Productivity.”

Brian, Sales Trainer & Event Coordinator


I'm Amber

I am here to tell you that
it IS possible to go after your dreams
while balancing work, family, and your faith!  

How do I know this?
Because I used to be a total work-a-holic,
until I started applying a simple approach
that changed everything for me.
I like to say that work life balance 
is LESS about trying to balance it all,
and MORE about GOING ALL SMALL !  


Need a seasoned speaker who
gives practical life changing tips,
shares relatable stories with humor, 
and is easy to work with too ? 
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Hey There, 

"I’ve worked in the music industry for over 20 years now

and a huge frustration as a creative

is having great ideas get lost in the midst of distracted busyness

and thus never come to fruition.

Amber’s “all small” method has truly helped me capture ideas in the moment

and strategically walk them to success.."

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Mike Weaver 

of Big Daddy Weave

Nashville award winning artist

“After taking Amber’s course on productivity,

I invited her to be a featured guest on my podcast ‘Everyone Has A Voice’.

She was a natural and a pleasure to interview.

Amber is intentional and full of creative tools to help encourage productivity in your day!” 

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Christy Neal

Media Broadcaster

Featured on...

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Trying to balance work, home,
and going after BIG dreams

I get you !

I love going after big dreams too.

For ten years... I worked as a corporate trainer and

a productivity consultant for three billion dollar companies.

But my work life balance was on full tilt!  

When I jumped off of the corporate train

I was determined to balance my life better while pursuing dreams

 For the next ten years I homeschooled our two kids, 

co-launched a tutorial academy, authored a book,

produced over 1,000 videos in ministry with my husband,

and did this all while enjoying family life.

Going ALLsmall helped me produce BIG! 

Here is a "little bite" of All Small Productivity...

What kind of speaker are you looking for?
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Conference Seating

Workshop Presentations 

Team meeting

Team or Group Consulting 

Signature Talks...

"Go ALL Small for BIG Productivity!"

Getting things done can be overwhelming, especially in a fast paced world where our to do lists, goals, and projects seem to be getting bigger and bigger - It can seem impossible to keep up while enjoying a balanced life - But when we redefine how we look at productivity we can reshape it into smaller "bite-sized" pieces making them easier to go after. In this motivational talk, through humor, and relatable life stories I invite the audience to adopt the same mindset that took me from a work-a-holic to work life balance and be amazed by how productive you can be when you... Go All small for BIG productivity!

>> Reshape how you view work life balance with one simple mind shift

>> Identify two main types of unbalanced approaches to productivity>>

>>Leave with one simple adjustment that will transform your work and life balance

Great For:  Conferences, Summits, Large Group Events etc.

Breakout Session for Conference
"Go ALL Small for Time Management & Work Life Balance"
- 3 Small Steps for BIG Productivity - 

Balancing work and life is simplified when you go All Small! 

In this breakout session do a deeper dive into my All Small approach for BIG productivity as you learn how to apply my 3 All Small Productivity Steps.

>> Redefine productivity with my All Small approach

>> Apply my All Small 3 Step Approach to improve individual work life balance

>> Leave with a handout to help you apply my All Small Productivity Steps in your life

Great For:  Conference breakout sessions or events broken into groups etc.

Team or Group Consulting Program
"FLIGHT - 6 Steps to Launch Any Dream Well"

Are you and your team looking at launch a Big Project ?

Let me come along side your team and

take you through FLIGHT from beginning to roll out.

My FLIGHT approach takes you from idea to roll out in 6 small steps.

You and your team will be able to go ALL in on your project because you will have an easy to follow approach that helps you...

>> Identify your project's key components to focus on (saving you time & money)

>> Develop an action plan that keeps you focused within realistic timeframes

>> Develop a pattern of project management that you can apply to other big projects

A system to take you from idea to launch that is already laid out in 6 steps for you! 


BASIC FLIGHT PLAN..................................A 1/2 Day Workshop 

                        ELITE FLIGHT PLAN..........................1/2 Day Workshop + 3 monthly check-ins

             PREMIUM FLIGHT PLAN...................1/2 Day Workshop + 6 monthly check-ins & Voxer access 

Great For:  Corporate, Small Businesses, Ministries & Non-Profits 

What are your venue needs? 
Conference  /  Workshops / Team Project
OR podcast & media interviews