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Let's Work Together!

Get More Done in Less Time! 

Get Clarity on Your Productivity!

Get Your BIG Ideas Off of the Ground!

Get Your Work-Life in Balance!

Let me show you how to

Go small for BIG productivity! 

"I’ve worked in the music industry for over 20 years now

and a huge frustration as a creative

is having great ideas get lost in the midst of distracted busyness

and thus never come to fruition.

Amber’s “all small” method has truly helped me capture ideas in the moment

and strategically walk them to success.."

MIKE WEAVER Headshot.jpg

Mike Weaver

of Big Daddy Weave

"Meeting with Amber weekly truly helped me

hone in on my God-given gifts...

It has helped me to share my gifts

with other people."

Rachel Pope 2.jpg

Rachel Pope

Former Mrs. Nashville

& Wellness Coach

There are many qualities that I love about leaders & entrepreneurs...

they are super hardworkers, they have amazing ideas, and they are passionate about their passions!


But when I first meet with my clients the one thing that continually comes up is


-too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.

This shows up in these three ways...


1.) They need clarity on what they should focus on right now.

2.) They are stressed about how they manage their time.

3.) They feel frustrated about how to get their ideas in motion.

4.) They need effeciency in their business that creates results

This is exactly where I help them!

"Why do I need
a Productivity Coach? "

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Let's Work Together!

First, bENCOURAGEd!!!

You are doing better than you think you are! 

You are a leader and leaders go after BIG dreams!

 Leaders use their gifts and talents to make

other people's lives easier, but

Leaders are Learners!!! 

For ten years... I worked as a corporate trainer and a productivity consultant for three billion dollar companies.  

I jumped off of the corporate train and for the

next ten years homeschooled our two kids

and co-launched a tutorial academy, while

producing videos in ministry with my husband.

Now my passion is helping small business leaders get big corporate productivity training in an affordable

and effective way.

Let me show you how to apply my 

 small approach to BIG productivity! 

The  3  Most Common Questions People
Ask About My Coaching/Consulting Approach... 


Is a productivity coach really for me ?


How often

do we meet ?


What do the packages include?

Is a productivity coach/consultant really for me ?

The real question should what I have been doing working for me?

I do not mean this to be snarky (a good coach asks the tough questions),

but I mean this very sincerely. Think about why an athlete has a coach

- to hone in on skills and maximize potential.

You need someone to...

>> analyze your current habits and systems

>> ask you the tough questions

>> give you angles that you have not tried before

>> be honest with you about your processes and schedule

>> help you stay accountable.

Someone who will help you save time, so you can

be more intentional with clarity and systems that work! 

How often do we meet?

That is entirely up to you. There are different packages depending on how many times you would like to meet and how detailed you would like to go with what you want to get done.  You will schedule your first meeting and then from there you schedule your next one and so on.

This ensures that you are keeping pace as you apply what you learn from each meeting. 

What do the packages include?

The calls are 1 hour. These calls are through Zoom and

give you the opportunity to record the call in order for you to reference later.

We will have the ability to share our screens, which helps us look at actual calendars, project managment tools, or any resources that might help with the session.

Being productive is not easy

But it does not have to be complicated.

When you simplify planning, developing, and networking 

being a productive Go Getter is doable! 

I am here to help you...

It all begins with a mindset change...

Let me show you how to

GO small for BIG Productivity, 

Get clarity on what you want to accomplish

Get more done in less time

Simplify your weekly & monthly planning

Develop your faith so you can go after God's plans for you!

Launch big ideas that will help you accomplish your goals!

Looking for a game plan and someone to keep you accountable?

Getting clarity, direction, and accountability skills are keys to growing your business.

Learn how to meet with yourself, get more

done in less time, and go after the plans that God has for you. You do not have to do it alone!

On a Video Call

Ready to run with a great idea, but need a game plan that works? 

Planning is key to launching something well. Once you identify a great idea you need to formulate a plan with goals and specific actions. Using a template that works saves you time, helps you better communicate with your team, and motivates you to move forward ! 

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