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Develop Means by Connecting Wings

to God-Given Dreams

- 6 Steps to Launch a God-Given Dream ! 


Book Overview

What if every God-Given dream in your heart fulfilled its destiny? Get ready, those dreams are about to take off! Have you ever wished that you could take an idea and actually complete it? It takes more than wishing for us to arrive at our destinations. It takes something that is already on the inside of us. So come along, let's take a trip. It is time to... Develop Means By Connecting Wings to God-Given Dreams.

Alexa Young, CA

“Let’s go for it.” Monumental words I have spoken to teams I have led many times. In Amber’s book, “Flight”, “Go for it”, echo’s the assurance that your dreams can become a reality. But, realizing your dream and seeing your destination ahead of you requires real courage. Amber, offers the reader a “Flight” plan. This 6-step process gives the reader the assurance that they can go for it and achieve success all at the same time.
This book is timely and necessary for today’s leaders."
~ Steve Harbin
International Ministry Leader & Author
“What a treasure! Amber Davis is a phenomenal author who views life with a unique perspective. I encourage anyone who wants to uplift their life to read this!"
~ Rodney Langford
Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, & Writer
As a homeschooling mother of four and business owner, I am always mindful of how important it is to not lose sight of my purpose and passion. FLIGHT helped me tremendously to take dreaming to a whole new level, and taught me practical ways to keep the vision in front of me.
~ Ashley Merrill
Creator of Mama Merrill's Herbals & Ministry Leader
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