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This is my story...

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From planner to traveling trainer... 

Everyone of us has a journey…here is a little bit about mine: 

By the time I was in my early twenties I had developed a knack for planning and executing plans for others - leading theater organizations, campaigns, and juggling two jobs while going to college led me to a full time day job while also moonlighting as a server/bartender trainer at night.


Knowing that my full time job was dissolving, I offered to organize the restaurant's offices and train their trainers for very little pay if they would cover my lodging, travel, and food expenses.


To my excitement they said..."Yes!" Shortly after that, they hired me as the youngest member of an elite training team opening

32 restaurants in three years from California to Cariro, Egypt.


After three years of living out of suitcases I went on to work in training departments for Krispy Kreme and Cracker Barrel, where I wrote/acted/produced training videos, designed training materials, consulted departments, and taught planning and organization courses. I was climbing the corporate ladder quickly, but something was missing. I was successful, but way out of balance.

The approach that changed my life...

I began asking myself “Can I be productive and have a balanced life?”

- This is when I created a 6 step FLIGHT process to launch any dream project well that spawned

my signature ALL Small Productivity approach to

help busy professional of all personality types

>> reshape how to get things done

>> learn how to launch BIG dreams well

>> while creating work life balance.


Speaking, consulting, and encouraging....


For the next decade I used the ALL Small Productivity approach to co-found a tutorial academy for home school teens, joined our church staff co-producing, acting, and assistant directing over 1,000 videos for my husband's media team,  and wrote and self-published my first book FLIGHT.


During Covid I launched a podcast where Christian leaders shared encouraging stories about going after their dreams. This transformed into the All Small Productivity Podcast with Amber N Davis. where I share my simple approach on how to Go ALL Small for BIG Productivity in business, ministry, and life! 


From the Nashville area with my supportive husband and two amazing kids I share my All Small Productivity approach from stages as a keynote speaker, business and church workshops, homeschool events, and anywhere I can! Going All Small for BIG productivity has changed my life and it can change your life too!

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Let's Work Together...

"Productivity is generated through accountability!" - Working together saves time, resources, and gets you to where you want to be faster! From giving inspirational talks at your next event to drilling down with your team through an interactive workshop to consulting your team on how to launch a big dream well.

- Let's go ALL Small for BIG productivity !

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